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Landstar's Ranger's unique system combines the entrepreneurial spirit of more than 8,700 independent Business Capacity Owners (BCO's) with more than 330 agents committed to providing the safest, highest quality transportation services available.  Together we offer the strength and stability of the nation's fourth largest truckload carrier delivered with the care and creative flexibility only a small business can provide.  Our extensive safety programs result in reliable, quality service for our customers.  Landstar Ranger  develops and utilizes technology to provide state-of-the-art communications and administrative services.  As a subsidiary of Landstar System, Inc.,  ranger has access to over 10,000 trucks equipped to handle your toughest transportation challenge--everything including specialized heavy haul, intermodal, drayage, expedited and complete logistics.

Our unique partnerships with BCO's and agents make Landstar Ranger, Inc. the most flexible carrier on the road today.  As independent business owner, they put their businesses on the line with every load.  This means safer, more reliable service for our customers.  Landstar Ranger, Inc. provides a vast array of support systems, including EDI, the latest communication systems, the Landstar Electronic Dispatch System (LEADS) and a commitment to safety that supersedes everything, with a vision to be recognized as the premiere provider of the safety, highest quality, most innovative transportation services.  We foresee utilizing our industry leadership to develop and market to our business  partners a full range of value-added services to produce profitable growth.  We will also continue to utilize innovative, cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology to enhance our safety, communications and administrative services, and continue to provide the best support systems and opportunities to our business partners.  Our on-going commitment to safety will help us provide better service to our customers and safer driving conditions for everyone.  Finally, Landstar Ranger will strive for excellence in every opportunity as we continue to provide flexibility, customized, quality service to businesses of every size.