The missing piece is time.  
A grinding sound and then the snap of metal.  A part breaks and your factory's machinery won't run without it.  The replacement unit is 2,000 miles away and you need it yesterday.

Even Landstar Express America can't deliver yesterday.  But we do better than the competition.

At major airports across the country, we expedite shipments using a wide range of cargo aircraft and carriers as our primary source of lift.  In smaller regional airports - and for added flexibility - we guarantee space on key commercial flights  to ensure the most direct routing.

Contrast that to some air freight carriers that restrict you to one flight per night.

And that probably won't be a direct flight.  Instead, it will land at the carrier's hub, where your shipment must be handled - again and again.

At Landstar Express America we understand that the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. And the shortest transit time begins with immediate response to your order.  So we make every effort to expedite your shipment safely via the shortest route as fast as possible - and to minimize handling time.  On-demand service, 24 hours a day.

Intercept service.
We can even pick up the ball someone else has dropped.  if another carrier is delaying your shipment, one call to our control center can initiate our intercept service.  We will recover your shipment and expedite it to you.

Take off with just one call.

We systematically control and track the movement of your expedited air shipments so we can assure on-time delivery Landstar Express America also can provide you with real-time status information for all shipments in transit or delivered.  It's your choice of how this information is delivered - by fax, customer service call back or EDI.