The missing piece is response.
Because you need it there now.

Landstar Express America offers Expedited Worldwide Charter Air Service.  This is the on-demand emergency transport that helps firms meet the most critical delivery deadlines - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Available aircraft range from Lear Jets to Boeing 747's from DC-3s to Guppies, to deal with any size shipment.

  • Total flexibility in arranging charters for any size shipment and any origin/destination.
  • A real-time comprehensive shipment tracking system to verify status at any time.
  • Economic advantages over conventional shipping.
  • Experienced transportation of fragile, high-value, dangerous and perishable goods.
  • Proactive advance arrival notification and shipment exception notification to strengthen your supply chain process.
The control you want.
Landstar Express America gives our customers maximum control over charter shipments no matter the size or type.  Our advanced real-time tracking system monitors your time-sensitive and destination-critical shipments.  Access to this information is as close as your telephone - or available via fax or EDI.

The advantages you enjoy.
We are experienced in chartering North American as well as international cargo as well as international cargo flights.  Prices are competitive and other advantages include:
  • Urgency.  We can ensure the safe and timely delivery of your urgent and special-needs shipments.
  • Track record.  Whatever your need or shipment, our experience in chartering every type of aircraft, all over the world,  allows us to determine the most economical methods of transportation. 

Maximum flexibility, backed by proactive, customer service.
No one better understands the urgency of charter shipments.  Our expedited Worldwide Charter Air Service extends our customer service commitment to meet all your shipping needs.  Our tracking system allows us to offer proactive shipment exception notification and advance arrival notification  enabling you to strictly schedule your business processes.

The responsiveness you demand.
On short notice, we can arrange Expedited Worldwide Charter Air Service for any size shipment from any origin to any destination in the world.  All this plus convenience and flexibility you never thought possible:
  • Direct flights.  When your emergency demands action now, Landstar Express America charter flights can ship directly from your origin of choice to the destination of need - with no intermediate off-loading or cargo transfers.
  • Simultaneous shipping.  All your cargo ships together and arrives at its destination at the same.  Even large shipments move without shipping in separate lots, saving you time, money and duplication of documentation.
  • Door-to-Door service.  Including pick-up and delivery anywhere in the world.

The help you need.
Our experience in helping you prepare international documents minimizing the possibility for error:

  • Hazardous goods.  We offer information and help in preparing the documentation required of dangerous goods.  This ensures that your shipment meets international, federal, state and local regulations.
  • Perishable goods.  We can provide information on handling instructions and packaging for fragile and perishable shipments.

Cargo flights when and where you need them with just one call.