Remarkably all of our expediting services are now available from one company.  Landstar Express is the only true national multi-modal expediting company in North America.  From our inception Landstar Express America recognized that expedited transportation is an essential business tool.  Smart business people are cutting inventory and eliminating unnecessary distribution centers.  Cycle times are being reduced.

At the same time customers demand faster, on time, deliveries of product.  if you don't commit...someone else will.  Expedited transportation is the competitive answer.

What makes Landstar Express America unique is the fact that we perform all of the above-expedited services.  Because of this we are able to maximize service while minimizing cost.  Thus, our customers receive the best mode at the lower cost.

Since Landstar Express America is multi-modal and not committed to any mode, we bring a refreshing level of integrity to the customer/carrier relationship.  For example, many air freight companies will use an expedited truck (also known as a "hot shot") to move an "air freight" shipment.  Then, despite the fact that the shipment is never flown, they still charge their customer air freight rates.

At Landstar Express America you pay for only the service you need.  In fact, on individual shipments we often quote multiple service options.  Customers can then analyze the options, the relative costs and choose the best service to meet their business needs.